About Me


I’m Kristina! A long time dreamer of traveling the whole world. My first trip out of the country to Europe changed me forever. I never grew up with money nor did I learn how to save until the day I bought a one way ticket to Ireland. I wanted to go so badly with my friend that I actually borrowed money from her to get the ticket. It forced me to start creating budgets and put money aside. I was always the girl browsing through travel images, daydreaming but never believing I could do it. 


That trip was an eye opening experience. Everything was different from the language, the food, the accents, the architecture, the lifestyle, the transit system and even the local fashions. The Europeans lived so different from how we are in the states and they really know how to enjoy life. It started to make me wonder how the rest of Europe was and what the other continents were like.


It would be a shame to keep all my stories, knowledge and photography I’ve gathered along the way to myself. I want to share that it is possible and I hope to bring inspiration to just book a ticket and GO!